PREAMBLE AND CLUB PURPOSE       Revised January 23, 1998


The Classic Nights Car Club is a family oriented organization. The club was created to provide a forum for individuals who enjoy sharing their interest in automobiles, reflecting the Cruisin' 50's era, and who will enjoy and seek the fellowship of other individuals. Membership is limited to 5 members. It is open to multimake vehicles and years up to and including 1978.


The Classic Nights Car Club is a reflection of the Cruisin' 50's era, and members cars should reflect this era. Therefore it is required that no member belong to another 50's car club so as not to interfere with club functions and activities.


To maintain this direction, The Steering Committee, which consists of seven members and an alternate, elected on a yearly basis, shall guide the club in its functions, events, rules and regulations. A majority vote is required to make laws binding. The Steering Committee shall attend all club meetings, unless prior notification is given.


Members grievances shall be brought to the Club Spokesman and/or alternate, who will attempt to solve the problem. If he or she cannot, the grievance shall be brought before the Steering Committee for discussion, evaluation and execution of findings. A maximum of three infractions detrimental to the club's image shall be reason for dismissal from the club.


Cruise Nights are held every Friday 6:30 - 9:00PM from May to September or 1st week in October (weather permiting). We will attempt to hold Spring Dances, a club picnic, a fall cruise and a club Christmas Party. The club participates in other car shows and cruise nights held by local and out of state clubs. The club also donates their time and cars for worthwhile causes.


Club meetings are held once a month from November to April.




Membership in the club shall be limited to 45 members consisting of three classifications:


1) 37 members who own cars produced during or before 1964, or trucks produced during or before 1959.

2) 5 members who one cars produced after 1964 or trucks produced after 1959.

3) 3 members who may not own a qualifying vehicle but who exhibit a genuine interest in, or has a serious intent to acquire such a vehicle.


Club membership dues are due and payable at the JANUARY meeting of each year and no later than the February election meeting.

(A grace period may be given upon request.) membership will be TERMINATED if dues are not paid by the February election unless otherwise arrangements have been made.




1) Membership candidates must have two sponsors for application, must attend to official meetings and be on a 60 day probation period after which membership will be determined by formal majority club vote.

2) Voting and procedures shall be by majority show of hands or by ballot.




1) The club required cutoff date shall be 1964 for cars and 1959 for trucks, excluding members in preamble membership #2 and #3.

2) Members vehicles shall be legally registered, fully insured and in safe running condition, proof required.

3)  All Club members are required to abide by State, City and Town Motor Vehicle rules and regulations. Abuse of this rule by a member is subject  to their membership reevaluation.

4) No member will have possession of alcohol, drugs, firearms or any illegal items at club functions.

5) No member should use profane language, gestures, insults or misbehavior towards any club member, or during any club function or gathering.

6) Only members participate at club meetings. Non members are invited as guests with prior approval.

7) Members are the only individuals permitted to show club colors on cards, jackets, etc.



8) Club vehicles are exempt from any and all club sponsored events.


NOTE: A member can terminate his or her membership verbally to the Spokesman, Funds Coordinators, Minutes/Regisrtation Coordinator or the club body. However, a one month grace period shall be given to all verbal resignations to give the member time to reconsider. It is requested that any termination of membership be made in writing.

Attending/participating in any Classic Nights Car Club (CNCC) event or show implies express permission to the CNCC to post your image, likeness and/or photograph(s) of your vehicle on our website, and this permission carries over to any media outlet that may be in attendance. Your attendance/participation also releases and discharges the CNCC and/or anyone else connected with the representation of the CNCC from any or all known or unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgments and/or claims that may be suffered by an entrant to his or her person or property. Participants and/or Attendees assume full responsibility for themselves and their vehicles.