Aug  29, 2014

Cruise Date

Photos below were taken by Classic Nights Member Pete Kodz

Trophy Winners

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OWNER                             Bob

YR /Make/MODEL   1968 Camaro Convertiable

ENGINE                             ZZ-5  400 HP

TRANSMISSION              Tremectko 600

REAR END                       12 Bolt Posi 373

INTERIOR                        Houndstooth Black

WHEELS                          Rally

TIRES                              Bridgestone

SUSPENSION                  Stock

Paint                               Cortez Silver


OWNER                         Devin

YR/MAKE/MODEL       1970 Plymouth Duster

ENGINE                        318 ci

TRANSMISSION         3 Speed on the floor

REAR END                   8 3/4

INTERIOR                    Black

WHEELS                      15 Ralle Rims

TIRES                          Master Craft

SUSPENSION              Stock

PAINT                          B5 Blue


OWNER                       Mark

YR / MAKE/MODEL     1971 Road Runner GTX

ENGINE                        440 Wedge

TRANSMISSION         727 Torque Flight

REAR END                   8 3/4   3.23

INTERIOR                    Black

WHEELS                     Rally

TIRES                          Lee Radial GT

SUSPENSION             Torsion Bar

PAINT                        Black


Cruise Photos

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